Can Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Eat Mango?



Mango is a common fruit produced in Oman, so some patients with diabetic nephropathy want to get some suggestions about whether they could eat mango. It is known that many food or drinks may make a further damage for patients with diabetic nephropathy, so is mango suitable for them?
Oman and mango
Oman is a beautiful and affluent country where it is full of the sweet smell of mango which is the local product of Oman. Most people like mango for its special taste and nutritive value. Mango can benefit the stomach to stop vomit and bad appetite and relieve a cough to prevent flu. Furthermore, the high level of carotene in mango is good for eyes and skin protection. However, mango contains sugar as well, so can patients with diabetic nephropathy have mango juice.
Moderate mango is conducive for diabetic nephropathy
Whether you can eating mango depends on the level of your blood glucose, for mango in fact contains a lot of natural sugar. If your fast blood sugar is below 100mg/dl, PBG is less than 100mmol/l, HbA1C is below 7.5%, people can have a moderate amount of mango, which may help you to treat diabetic nephropathy.
In treating diabetic nephropathy, glucose control is the key, so moderation in eating should be observed by patients with diabetic nephropathy. Mango which contains high fiber and vitamin is conducive for patients and can supply the essential materials, so they can take regularly but on average portion such as around 100 grams per day.
The positive effect of mango is that it can help to improve the circulation of the body. Besides, mango also can lower the cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood in order to benefit the high blood pressure. Most importantly, moderate consume of mango can reduce the level of blood glucose.
Mango is not only a delicate fruit for most people, but also an assistance to lower the blood glucose. But only dietary control cannot have a good effect on diabetic nephropathy, so Funeng Therapy is recommended for you to repair your pancreas and kidney at the same time. Are you still troubled by diabetic nephropathy? You can consult our experts online or leave a message.
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